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Game design approach can be implemented beyond the game it self. Designed it wright and we will have higher engagement level that will motivate better result in any fields.


Gamification and interactive system design are part of our passion and our way to show that we can truly make impact trough game.

Interactive System Design

Game is a powerful media that bring positive impact for the society. We have the capability to design a special game and interactive concept to help you deliver any learning objectives or any media objectives in the most effective and enjoyable way.

Our Working Process

Our process on creating awesome projects.
  • 1. Concepting Phase

    Content + Theme + Goal + Contraint

  • 2. Playtest Phase

    Research + Playtest Concept and Mechanics

  • 3. Design Phase

    Art/Visual Concept => Asset Development => Product/Level Design => Prototyping/Alpha Test/Dummy

  • 4. Development Phase

    Playtest User Experience and Initial Balancing => Production


    Projects Completed


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    Our process on creating awesome projects.

    Make VietNam a better place to live!

    Tạ Minh Tuấn Saga


    At the beginning of your journey, you are weak (low level), have few abilities, have access to few locations on the map, and little to no items, but as you slay monsters, discover items, and level up in abilities, your character becomes stronger and thus progresses through the game.

    Thao Kumi Ho

    Founder - CEO

    History of Vietnam is a treasure to explore and enjoy.

    Phạm Vĩnh Lộc

    Co-Founder - Content Writer

    Reality is broken and a good game design can fix it.


    Art Director

    Give my games a chance to mesmerize you.

    Noah Nguyen

    Game Designer

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